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Bintaro Jaya area is a dynamic region that continues to develop in terms of business and lifestyle. In order to respond to this demand, Plaza Bintaro Jaya is present with complete, cozy and safe shopping facility which provides wide range of trendy and up to date products. Eating and entertainment facilities are also so complete and luxurious.

The market share of shopping in Bintaro Jaya areas, Tangerang, Banten keeps growing year by year in term of both consumer wants and their buying power. This is of course related to and in line with the increase of their income standards as well as a lifestyle of the people where shopping necessity & entertainment have become the activities that cannot be separated from their daily life

In view of these kinds of shopping pattern and lifestyle trend, PT.Jaya Real Property, Tbk builds Plaza Bintaro Jaya. Location on Jl.Bintaro Utama IIIA, Bintaro Jaya sector 3 Tangerang. As it started its operation in 1993, this shopping center proves to have been able to fulfill shopping requirement, entertainment and lifestyle of the people in Bintaro area and its vicinity in addition, in its 15th anniversary, the existence of Plaza Bintaro Jaya is no longer doubted and it is widely known by the communities living in Pamulang, Ciputat, Serpong, Tengerang and Jakarta.

Is has total area of 64,343.40 m2 and the total Floor area of 11,802.40 m2. In the meantime, the rentable area is 20,754.37 M2 all on three Floors. Its Modern minimalist exterior and interior design provide magnificent and spaciousas well as comfortable atmosphere. All these are supporting by luminuous lighting syatem and green parks that provide natural atmosphere as well as provide comfort, freshness and relaxed air.

In order to give the best satisfaction to this consumers, Plaza Bintaro Jaya has major and well-known tenants including Gramedia Book store for an area of 2,290.15 m2 on 1st & 2nd Floors, Cahaya Dept.Store occupies an area of 3,443.5 m2 on 1st Floor, Hero Supermarket for 1,848.26 m2 on 1st Floor,Toy’s City of 436.60 m2 2nd Floor, Pojok Busana Dept. Store for an Area of 480.20 o 2nd Floor, Rumah Kita (Home Appliance) for an area 535,35 m2 2nd Floor, Cineplax 21 of 1,474.00 2nd & 3rd Floor. In Addition these tenatns Plaza Bintaro also continous to make innovation by presenting well-known tenants in order to perfect the consumer’s lifestyle in retaurant: Tamani cafe, Pizza HUT, Wendy’s, KFC, Red bean, Hanamasa, Brad talk, J.Co., American Hamburger,